FlashAir W-04
checked device list

As of 2019.1.18

"Toshiba" refers to Toshiba Memory Corporation on this page of this website.

Depending on the electric wave environment of wireless LAN, actual behavior may differ from the contents described below.
If FlashAir is affected by magnetic fields, electromagnetic waves and/or multiple wireless LAN access points, FlashAir may not communicate.

  1. The data on the FlashAir Operation checked device List(the "List") of this file is effective as of the last updated date. Please check the List every time you use the Toshiba FlashAir (the "Cards") for the most current data.
  2. With the passage of time, or after extended use, the Toshiba Cards may lose some or all of its functionality, including reading, writing and deletion of data.
  3. Toshiba does not warrant that the use or operation of the Toshiba Cards will be error free, not does it warrant that any data stored on the Toshiba Cards will remain accessible or uncorrupted. To protect against accidental data loss, you should backup your data frequently on more than one type of storage media such as CD-R, DVD-R.
  4. Toshiba does not warrant that the Toshiba Cards will be compatible with all devices that may use storage media similar to the Toshiba Cards.
  5. The data on the List was compiled by testing the Toshiba Cards listed in a single device of the type listed. Also please note that listed devices may differ slightly in functionality from other devices with the same model name. In that event, it is possible that the tested Cards will not be compatible with such devices. Consequently, the List is provided only as a general indication that the listed Cards are compatible with the basic functions of the listed devices. The List is not intended, and should not be relied upon, as an indication that the listed Cards is compatible with all functions of the listed devices. By providing the List, Toshiba Memory Corporation AND ITS AFFILIATES PROVIDE NO REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND MERCHANTABILITY, THE IMPLIED CONDITIONS OF SATISFACTORY QUALITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND THE WARRANTY OF OPERATION OF THE DEVICES WITH THE TOSHIBA Cards, beyond the warranty that you may (already) have. (Toshiba does not confirm whether the Eyefi Connected function and the manual start and stop function for the Wireless data transfer will work or not on the listed device.)
  6. These device names on the List may not be the names of the devices sold in your country or region. Please check with the manufacture or distributor of the device that you use, for the device name in your country or region.
    Products that are sold for outside of Japan (below,overseas model), has been annotated (**) to the device name.
  7. Toshiba recommends that you check update information of related software of the Card with your device, and if necessary, update the latest software.
  8. The Toshiba Cards of this file are labeled based on the memory chip (s) they contain, not the amount of memory capacity available for data storage by you. Part of the capacity is reserved for card functionality. Minimum consumer-usable memory capacity is approximately: 64GB card - about 57.6GB; 32GB card - about 28.8GB; 16GB card - about 14.4GB;(For purposes of measuring memory capacity in this context, 1GB= 1,073,741,824 bytes)
  9. Wireless LAN sends and receives data between devices such as personal computers and access points by means of radio transmission rather than network cables. Absent obstructions, radio transmission enables a wireless LAN connection.
    Users should take appropriate security measures to prevent third parties from hacking or stealing data transmitted wirelessly.
    Please review the security procedures in this manual carefully before using the Product.
  10. For wireless LAN compliant countries or regions of this product, please refer to the following information.